Discover AIT

Aaron Burks

3rd Degree - Head Instructor

Mr. Burks Started his journey in Taekwondo with no previous martial arts experience. He visited class as a way to “stay in shape” and was instantly hooked.

He started in 2015 and worked his way through the colored belts with dedication. Mr. Burks achieved the highest passing grade at each colored belt for his system, and was successful in the tournament arena in both fighting and forms. Mr. Burks is passionate about forms and techniques and is fully committed to upholding the traditional value of the patterns.

Mr. Burks believes that a student must be educated in all aspects of martial arts to be successful and requires students to practice self-defense, fighting, forms, and knowledge. Mr. Burks loves Jesus Christ with all of his heart and considers it his ministry and calling to guide in character development and share the gospel to his students through martial arts training.

In 2023 Aaron helped found the Point Fighter Development league along with 5 other schools and a board of directors. He is currently the sitting president of PFDL.

Mr. Burks’ favorite hobbies are small renovation projects, researching and collecting watches, hunting and fishing, and most of all spending time with his family.

Jenna Burks

3rd Degree - Head Instructor

Mrs. Burks started with her husband in 2015 and showed immediate promise. Her attention to detail and commitment to accuracy make her a force to reckon with. She is everything a strong woman ought to be and her presence

demands respect. She has persevered through many challenges and completed the first part of her journey while raising a newborn. Mrs. Burks earned the highest passing grade through each colored belt and has proven herself time and again through the tournament circuit. She is passionate about self-defense and technique and loves to encourage and grow people around her. She is a thoughtful and caring instructor and will invest great effort in helping anyone succeed.

In 2023 Mrs. Burks was nominated Vice President of the Point Fighter Development League and is currently active in that role. 

Mrs. Burks is committed to sharing her love for the Lord with those around her and is fully vested in her ministry through martial arts. Mrs. Burks’ favorite hobbies include hiking, crafting, fishing, and getting sunlight any way possible

Austin Alcorn

5th Degree - Instructor

Mr. Alcorn has been involved with martial arts for over 20 years. He started at an early age and dedicated himself to the arts. He has studied in multiple practices including TaeKwonDo, Karate, and Hapkido among others.  

Mr. Alcorn was a very successful point fighter through the world Jr. rankings and was as high as 1st overall and held triple crown at one point during his career. Mr. Alcorn is an accomplished instructor in self-defense and teaches practical applications that work for any body size or type. Mr. Alcorn has officiated many tournaments and is an expert at coaching and developing tournament practices. Mr. Alcorn came to AIT in 2017 and studied our styles and curriculum to earn his instructor-ship though AIT. He is a valuable part of AIT,  and is on the board of advisors for the Point Fighter Development League.

Mr. Alcorn is dedicated to quality fighting and defense as well as mental toughness. He loves to help to develop character and capability in those around him.

Mr. Alcorn loves anything Jeep, whether he is working on them or hitting the trails. He loves to fish and adventure and spend time with his kids.

Della Burks

Black Belt - Apprentice Instructor II

Ms. Burks earned her Jr. black belt with great perseverance. She is kind and talented and is learning to help instruct the AITKids and adult classes. She has a love for the arts and shares it freely. She is in process of earning her instructorship and has passed her exam for apprentice instructor level 2.  Della is looking forward to testing for her 1st degree in a couple years. Ms. Burks loves socializing and reading, and engaging at her church!

Our History

American Independent TaeKwonDo was founde in 1988 by Steve R. Brown.

Mr. Brown operated under the principle that the knowledge and character of martial arts, and the love of Jesus Christ ought to be accessible to everyone. Mr. Brown opened classes up without fees to the general public and taught faithfully for 30 years.

Mr. Brown studied under the instruction of Keith Yates and the Nam Seo Kwon teachings. As a student in the direct lineage of Master Jhoon Rhee, Mr. Brown has stayed faithful to the traditional styles of the General Hong patterns and has not bowed to popular changes or flashy and showy patterns.

Mr. Brown operated out of church gymnasiums, wood shop factory floors, boys and girls clubs, and even back yards in order to keep from charging for class.

Mr. Brown bought mats and set up hundreds of classes by himself on his own time. He worked full time, worked weekends and evenings, and paid for everything out of pocket.

Still finding time for the arts he selflessly touched the lives of hundreds around him. Mr. Brown would buy unifoms and gear for people that didn’t have the funds to start on their own and poured himself out everyone he met.

In 2000 Mr. Brown’s life partner was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being a warrior he continued to teach and be there for her. Mrs. Brown was versed in the arts and as a black belt fought the hardest battle of her life and won. She was fully recovered in the year 2001 and AIT adopted PINK as a recognized uniform color for survivors.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are both veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

In 2015 Mr. Aaron Burks and his wife Mrs. Jenna Burks started AIT classes with their 4 year old daughter and newborn son. Captivated by Mr. Brown’s love for the arts and dedication to their instruction he took them from white to black belt completely in the traditions and styles of AIT and its history. Mr. Brown retired from AIT Instructorship in 2019 and is the embodiment of what martial arts is designed to be. Since then he has continued to train his own blackbelts and is currently on the board of advisors for the Point Fighter Development League. Mr. Brown received his 10th Dan in 2023.

He has passed AIT and it’s traditions on to Mr. and Mrs. Burks who teach classes for free to any who are willing to pursue growth. Mr. Brown actively teaches Mr. and Mrs. Burks and still shows up to class from time to time. When he does, look for him to be spending time with the newest and neediest person in the room, because there is no where he would rather be.

American Independent TaeKwonDo will continue without class fees and will require growth and dedication as the only payment by the grace of the almighty God, Jesus Christ.

“For God so loved the world, He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

The whole Brown family practiced together and advance through the ranks. Pictured here is Mr. Steve Brown, his wife Hope Brown, and their son Jesse Brown.