American Independent Taekwondo
Springfield Mo.

American Independent Taekwondo is a martial arts school in Springfield, Mo. and surrounding area, whose goal is to grow with you toward reaching your God given potential.

About Us

We are an opportunity to commit yourself to a constant challenge of mental, spiritual and physical growth through the practice of traditional Taekwondo.

You will practice in the spirit of Taekwondo, learning honor within yourself, loyalty to your instructors, and respect for everyone around you. We believe the value of our martial arts school is in the impact we have in our community, right here in Springfield Mo. and the surrounding area.

AIT Martial Arts School in Springfield MO

Our Instructors

AIT offers traditional Martial Arts Instruction led by instructors Aaron Burks and Jenna Burks of Springfield Mo, 3rd Degree Black Belts, and Austin Alcorn of Nixa Mo, 4th Degree Black Belt. Teaching style of Nam Seo Kwon. These Martial arts classes develop each individual’s physical readiness and mental acuity. Our instructors regularly train win martial arts black belt conferences, and mixed martial arts trainings. This is a family friendly environment and all of the instructors have children of their own who have started training.

Through routines in physical activity, cardio, self-defense and sparring, the body is strengthened. Through the discipline of katas, techniques and focus, the mind is disciplined, and practical skills of self defense, self discipline, and confidence are cultivated.

Our Purpose

In all of our classes, we seek to glorify Christ, and a moment is taken each class to honor Him. The 6 tenets of Taekwondo are lived out in our lives as we each strive to become better examples of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self–Control, Indomitable Spirit and Victory.

While many Martial arts studios schools offer a free class or two, AIT exists to be a ministry, and there is no charge for our classes. We are committed to helping students of all walks of life learn martial arts training, while helping our students find spiritual and personal growth.

What Our Students Think

My kids have attended for close to 3 years now. I see growth in all areas of both kids. The instructors are geared to teach and help kids fill their potential in martial arts as well as life. The spiritual part is amazing as they word it to put in everyday life. The school is for kids as well as adults. I wouldn’t put them anywhere else.
Debra Taylor
Awesome Taekwondo School! This school has a great history and the current instructors are continuing the legacy. There is an emphasis on traditional Taekwondo and the respect that goes along with it. The instructors are amazing and do a wonderful job finding ways to help each person on their martial arts journey. Great atmosphere for a family!
Andrew Feistel
My son has been attending for 9 months. Impressive, high quality instruction. Positive climate. Love the confidence and respect this discipline instills. Also appreciate the Christian foundation of AIT.
Jennifer Anglen

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AITKD exists as a ministry and there is never any charge for our classes. Start Your Journey.