American Independent Taekwondo

American Independent Taekwondo is a family of dedicated martial artists in Springfield, Mo whose goal is to grow with you toward reaching the potential God created in you.

We are an opportunity to commit yourself to a constant challenge of physical and spiritual growth through the practice of traditional Taekwondo.




Self – Control

Indomitable Spirit


You will practice in the spirit of Taekwondo, learning honor within yourself, loyalty to your instructors, and respect for everyone around you. Come and discover your potential.

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AIT Martial Arts School in Springfield MO

AIT offers traditional Martial Arts Instruction led by instructors Aaron Burks and Jenna Burks, 3rd Degree Black Belt in the teaching style of Nam Seo Kwon. These Martial arts classes help to develop each individual’s physical readiness and mental acuity. Through routines in physical activity, cardio, self-defense and sparring, the body is strengthened. Through the discipline of katas, techniques and focus, the mind is disciplined.

In all of our classes, we seek to glorify Christ, and a moment is taken each class to honor Him. The 6 tenets of Tae Kwon Do are lived out in our lives as we each strive to become better examples of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self – Control, Indomitable Spirit and Victory.

While many schools offer a free class or two, AIT exists to be a ministry, and there is no charge for our classes.

Self Defense

Often a student first seeks Taekwondo as a means of learning self-defense. Self-Defense teaching is led by instructor Austin Alcorn, 4th Degree Black Belt and Triple Crown Champion in the World Junior rankings.

Our self-defense curriculum trains our students in practical techniques that enable the student to remove themselves from a dangerous situation by using techniques instead of strength. Each maneuver is regularly drilled to give our students confidence in real-world scenarios. Our training builds on itself, increasing the student’s capacity and their confidence.


Traditional Taekwondo point sparring is taught in our classes. Sparring builds self-confidence and mental toughness, and many of our students find that it is the most fun part of their martial arts journey.

Our school regularly attends 3 regional competitions each year, and multiple fight nights are held with nearby schools, providing a constant rotation of new training partners for our students to learn with.

Kid Classes Available

Our children’s Taekwondo classes are held once a week on Monday night from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM. This kids’ program is designed to take 24 to 36 months. Led by our great instructors, this class introduces Children to the benefits and disciplines of martial arts.

Children learn balance, confidence, respect for others, and drills to enhance task-oriented focus and listening to the instructors. Our children’s classes provide the foundation of healthy exercise and life skills that they can carry into the week.

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AIT Classic

Our classic Taekwondo classes carry on the traditional training experience AIT is known for. Open to all ranks, the classic session focuses on the building blocks of TKD. With self-defense, fighting, katas, and more, the classic class is essential for all students. We are a family-oriented school, and it is common to have a parent and child in class together, each on their own martial arts journey.

Getting Started Is Easy!

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